Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4+ of J

Some of us went up to my family's cottage in Honeoye, NY for the 4th of July. As expected, it was all boats, and bonfires, fireworks, and everything (and, a few more pictures on Flickr).
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When we were leaving I fell. I got a puffy foot, and after some expert (jokes) consult, decided to wait it out overnight to see if it would get better. It didn't.
Yesterday it looked like this, and spent a lot of time with new docs, making bets with x-ray techs, and procuring ice packs. Diagnosis? A "probably broken" foot. Seeing more specialists this week.
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(Imagine this, a little puffier, and now it's blue).
The good news is, I have the day off, and Marilyn's gonna push me to the movies in a wheelchair.


Amber Reeves said...

no! susie! you've got to be kidding me. i'm so sorry, boo.

RAISE (real word)

sarah said...

i know this isn't a laughing matter but that picture keeps making me think of those stupid eddie murphy movies and i can't stop laughing.

also, doesn't your doctor's office know they can just xray your foot and eliminate the "probably"? what kind of sham office are you going to!?

elizabethfrances said...

Oh my goodness, Susan, what next ?!

Bangs said...


Regular doctor, THEN x-rays at the hospital, THEN the ER. No one can tell. "It looks like a fracture, but only in one view".

Seeing specialists sometime this week, who can hopefully at least put me in a walking cast. I'm so tired from hopping all the time.

Kamper said...

You are like Samuel Jackson in unbreakable

Bravery Danger said...

i'm going to make you a padded outfit for your birthday. think sleeping bag but with a bit of a waist line.

-nikki and nick