Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 or more secrets

(Because one time Nikki suggested that we post shopping steals and deals. I think there was supposed to be a whole different, multi-contributor blog devoted to it, but for now, it'll be here, until Nick builds it.)

I have two things to confess today.
The first is that I secretly like shopping at Kmart (and even Walmart) sometimes. I know Target is better, and closer, and nicer, and cleaner, and everything (plus they sometimes have nachos?), but sometimes I just like making that trip down to Oregon Ave and hitting Kmart.
(That's 1).
(2) I have a small place in my heart for leopard print shoes. I don't really think of myself as an "amimal prints" kind of girl - we'll save that for sexy moms and Bratz dolls, but just a little ballet flat in brown and black leopard? Sign me up. Oh, I'll just put those on the shoe shelf next to my other leopard print flats.
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This week these two things combined, and I got these wacky pom-pom shoes for real cheap. Along with it came a pair of brown moccasins that look suspiciously like my old Steve Madden ones, but seem much more sturdy. Twelve and five. Kmart, guys. Kmart.


lana bear said...

i love that you're confessing. so strangely weird- but those types of places sometimes have awesome stuff, and for sooooooo cheap.

I can't say i love leopard, but i definitely love sparkles and sequins, which could have an equally bad association in others eyes.

i feel like we should be shopping buddies.

kamper part deux said...

i thought you where going to talk about actual shopping steals. bummer.

carina romano said...

i thought you were going to talk about how you steal from shopping places

Kamper said...

I thought you were going to shop about steal talking

pinchefresco said...

Oregon Ave = ppfflllltttt