Monday, June 1, 2009


Don't tell Lulu or Amber, but I think I'm making the move. The move I've been hating for 5 years - and I don't really have any hesitations about it.
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Yard, deck, 3 regular sized bedrooms and a craft room? A basement without mushrooms growing in it? A cat door?
Starting this fall: bbq's, badmittion, movies outside again.


pinchefresco said...

I am so excited cause we'll be neighbors again. But I'm getting you a gun.


lady.shiv said...


Bangs said...

hi, neighbor(hood).

s. said...

i'm really excited for movies outside again. i still can't stop talking about the set-up you guys had on andy & conrad's roof. best.

reeves. said...

you're worse at keeping secrets than me!

this kinda makes me want to hang myself. but for purely theoretical reasons. i like that house and that yard and it is generally easier to get to then any other place in that god forsaken land.


awesome said...

congratulations on your upcoming move. you will have to pick me up from the train on a scooter when i come visit! a scooter!
(because fishtown subway is the scariest place on earth)

kamper part deux said...

susie- so glad you are moving close!

sara- i ride that subway every morning and you are way more hardcore than i am.