Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I don't need things like dolls in my life, but this girl makes dolls of pretty much what I think of in my mind when I'm working on costumes. In my head.
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Let's see...what else. I was going to quit Myspace today. It asks for a reason, and gives you choices, one of which is "Too much drama" - check. But then I chickened out. I'm still on Myspace.

Shopping Pause update:
3 days deep, no new clothes. Applause? Also, I decided I'm quitting jeans for real. I know I don't really wear them a lot, but it's going to be part of this "wear old dresses, make them happen" thing. No jeans & hoodies type outfits for a while. I must be doing okay, because black girls keep liking my outfits. Oh, and I emailed Uniform Project girl and asked her if the pattern was available. She wrote back and told me to write to her gmail address instead. So I did. Keeping waiting.

The zero-calorie, zero-fat bleu cheese veggie dip that's on sale at Acme is not good. Surprise.


awesome said...


i haven't had blue cheese in so long. it's one thing i was surprised to miss. [because i don't feel like i really eat it?]

also, i know good friends are supposed to be encouraging. but well, i don't understand why you always say/want to give up jeans. they are so good...and inside your heart you know that.

just get real about it.
summer = dresses
winter = jeans and hoodies

or in my case. jeans v neck t and a hoodie everyday. ever.

student: "teacher why you wear long shirt, it's so hot outside. classroom so cold"
me: "because. bring a sweater."


Bangs said...

Jeans are uncomfortable
get caught in bike chains
don't look good on short legs.

I'll stick with tights for winter, as per usual.

I'll mail you some bleu cheese. With zero calories. JK.

awesome said...

i can't believe you don't think my legs look good in my jeans.

pinchefresco said...

Black girls. It's how you know. Are you and I the only two that know about this infallible barometer?

Bought a shirt from H&M on sale two months ago. None of you have ever seen it because I wore it to school and a black girl gave me the stinkeye and said something about how she liked the hair but not the shirt.

I gave it to Goodwill the next day.