Thursday, June 18, 2009


In the tradition of No-Meatember, months of no-processed foods, no cutting my hair, and so many other conceptual self-imposed months, I'm considering a little shopping pause.

This is inspired by a few things. Here, a list:

1. Ryan's gf, Lana, who posts pictures of clothes she wants in lieu of buying them. She is in the middle of a year-long shopping ban. I just wrote to her to find out details and her rules (not to copy-cat, just to give myself some ideas about it), so I'm not totally sure how it works yet, but I am SO IMPRESSED.

2. Moving. Providing we pass this credit check thing and everything goes well, we'll be making that up-North (Olde Kensington) move at the end of summer. In preparation, I've been trying to consistently get rid of things, like books, movies, clothes. Clothes are the hardest for me to purge by far. I find myself holding onto things I haven't worn in years, just because I like the print or whatever. It's dumb. I'm trying to get rid of a few more things at this garage sale I'm crashing Saturday morning, but it seems like another good solution to Clothing Sprawl would be to quit buying. I also am going to be poor, and probably won't get the one bedroom with a closet.

3. This Uniform Project thing that Melissa directed me to yesterday.
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It's basically this girl who wants to promote sustainable clothing, so she's wearing the same dress for a year, and posts pictures of how she does it, every day.
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I do have some problems with it (like that she has SEVEN of this hand-made, especially versatile dress, and more accessories than I could fit in my closet), but I also kind of love it. I don't think I could do it, and am not even really interested in wearing only one dress (which one would it even be?), but I think I could adapt this project, and turn it into "wear clothes you already own for an amount of time", which is kind of the same as "quit shopping".

Don't worry, you can follow her on Twitter, which for some reason, to me, is the antithesis of sustainable clothing.

So, I haven't really "hammered out" the details for myself yet (been too busy with dying my hair, dealing with dramatic boys, and taking trips), but am thinking about doing something along these lines. Would anyone else be into it? Something like an Non-Shop-A-Thon? Doesn't count if you don't really shop.

Maybe I should just quit buying black cardigans. Have to start somewhere.


Drum said...

surprisingly, that girl's bob is the least annoying part of her "project"

s. said...

i really like the idea of a 'shopping pause.'

i remember i read this article a few years ago about 'sustainable clothing,' and one of the things the writer pointed out was how wasteful it is to buy new clothes that you won't really wear very often, or at all - like it's a waste of resources and energy. i hadn't really thought about that before.

i feel like i'd like to work on 1. being happy/appreciative of the things i already have and 2. spending my days off in ways that aren't based on commerce. like not spending a saturday shopping. i'm sure there are better things i could be doing.

p.s., can you still go to target during a 'shopping pause?'

christophresh said...

I would like to think about doing this, but I will not actually do it.
I'm like the Smithsonian- One Of Everything.
If I get broker at the end of the summer, I will do it. But it could be books, clothes, or music, or, a combination of these.