Monday, June 8, 2009

Will Smith

Yesterday was the best kind of summer day, and the best kind of any day starts with McGriddles, and sometimes it really shocks me that it's not everyone's favorite food.
Then there was a mini pool party which involved a certain rotation (laying out in the chair, pool, hottub), and a summer feast with all the summer food you ever wanted to eat.
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A little sunburn, like a white, skin bikini. NBD. I realized yesterday that I have this mentality about tans, which is that it's a really easy way of saying "yesterday, and maybe so far this whole summer, I've been having more fun than you". This obviously isn't true, but I've been operating under this mindset for a million years.
I do want you to know that I bought sunscreen this year though, and used some yesterday. Health!

At night I just wanted to be in the air conditioning, and the best place to do that is at the movies, so Crowleys and HZ and I went and saw the Hangover, which was actually pretty funny for a bro-movie. Image Hosted by
I think that's all I'll say about it.

Today is dentists and doctors, and tonight is dates (not for me...just for some people) and the Clint Eastwood at the Troc.


elizabethfrances said...

is this the photos that is now full of sand ( or gravel or dirt ) from years ago ?


lana bear said...

im loving the pool picture. looks awesome.

i could have never put it in words- but that's how i feel about tans too!

Don't get your hopes up for Gran Torino- that is unless you're looking for a ridiculously funny movie..


Bangs said...

pool picture is from Nikki's iPhone.

christophresh said...

I went to the dentist today; so did Marilyn; so did you.



lana bear said...

ps- i may or may not have tagged you in a recent blog.