Wednesday, June 3, 2009

keeping planning

Lostume is over, the Season of Drink Fountain is over (it started making a terrible noise, but if you think you can get over that, come and get it, it's in front of our house). So many things coming up though:
camping in Letchworth State Park
holidays in the Fingerlakes
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(artful, right?)
a book swap. You're invited to some of these things.


awesome said...

i want to go camping for the first time together. damn.
i can pee outside now.

Bangs said...

camping is "camping" and involves a cabin with a bathroom. We could still go real camping together for the first time. If you hurry up.

Anonymous said...

I'm invited to all of these things, actually.

Bangs said...

stop showing off and making everyone else feel bad Melmar.

reeves. said...

sandro and i are ninety percent in for fingerlakes! i'll get my schedule for work next week and let you know for sure.


christophresh said...

I'll book swap.
Also my captcha is


which in French, is pronounced 'no-no'.

Bangs said...

So is that a yes, or a no, Chris?

Also, I like how you comment on a lot of things, when you do comment.