Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oh, did you want to know some things I've been thinking about? Here's the easy ones, the accessible ones.

1. I'd really like to have a straight bangs haircut again someday.

2. If someone asks you for a "writing sample", can you just point them towards your blog? With a disclaimer that they might not "get" it?

3. Making Time is at a pool, during the day. The funniest part about the ad is that it says, "See each other in the daylight!". Anyway, Andy got me all excited about going to this, but I know I will not go. Getting to NJ? Expensive drinks? Being hot and so tired by 11pm? Probably not.

4. If one person comments, why is it "1 comments" instead of "1 comment"? It seems like they've figured out most things on the internet, they could get this one under control, too.

5. Remember how so much of that new episode of True Blood took place at Forever 21? That was good. I shop at places for 16 year old vampires.

6. I guess I have plantar fasciitis. Limpy lately.

7. People like Kelly's sister have blogs (www.hiddencupcakes.com). When I really reach the end of the internet, I browse it, and end up feeling grammar-policey.

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Here's Nikki and MLB towards the end of Book Swap.

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s. said...

re #5: + 1

i also immediately identified bill's shopping destination, and got kind of excited about it.