Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Lana wanted me to do this thing:

These things are always okay.
Image Hosted by
big deal sunglasses, summer dress(es), colored tights, minimal bras, and headbands (lately).

These are things I never do.
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weird bras, sexy clothes that accompany weird bras, Uggs, stilettos, highlights.

These are things I try to do occasionally.
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Sneakers, maxi dresses, jeans, jewelry, heels.

Now I'm supposed to tag 3 people? Sarah/Siobhan/Andy?


Bangs said...

Oh, and those cowboy boots.

Drum said...

why no .jpgs of the weird/minimal bras? too pg-13 for doggieeyes.blogspot?

lady.shiv said...

I got really excited to be tagged, and then I realized there's actually another Siobhan and that you see her more than me. So it's her, right?

Bangs said...

I tag both Siobhans?

kamper part deux said...

always- weird bras for me.

maybe never/ once in a while (?)- sending me emails at work with the word "labia" contained within.

thanks sue. heres to hoping i don't get fired (which i won't just cause it would be to much of a hassle for them.)

Bangs said...

You're the one that said it. And by "it", I think you know what I mean. About heaven.

Also, to everyone else - I think blogger caught on that we thought their captchas were funny, cause they're not anymore.

awesome said...

i'll work on this.
it's gonna be on my list blog though. just in case i come up with anything CRAZY.
[also because my parents will ask me what it means after they read it and i will get annoyed with them for not getting it/just ignoring things they don't get and i want to skip the annoyed with m&d step]
lady shiv. i tag you - alex and amber. in advance. thanks.

pinchefresco said...