Thursday, June 18, 2009


Speaking of getting rid of/buying & having LESS:

We're having a book swap tomorrow at our house, 7-9pm, bring a drink if you want to pre-game. Bring books you don't want anymore that you think other people* might like, take home whatever you want. You get how it works.
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Also accepting movies and cd's.
Extra books go to Books Through Bars.

(please skip bringing the worst books ever that no-one wants. Recycle those jawns.)

*or prisoners?


s. said...

also, if you have any extra paper grocery bags lying around, we could use those at Books Through Bars too. we use 'em to wrap the packages we send to prisoners and we're running low. i personally have to help run a 4-hour long packing session saturday morning, and if we run out of material to package books in, i will be sad.

p.s., sue, please invite me to the book swap. i already got genna to spam the facebook event wall for me re: paper bags... now i'm spamming your blog. sorry.

Bangs said...

I feel kind of dumb that you weren't invited.