Friday, June 19, 2009

-'s, +'s

things I'm not into

Mass texts asking what's good. I think a mass text invitation is okay, but not one where you're just scoping the most fun. You've got to research or invent that.

Mustache-themed arts, crafts, facial hair. I read on AT that this is on it's way out, along with primary color lacquered furniture, and knitted deer antlers.

Sandals. I'm willing to like them, but just haven't found the right ones yet. I've been looking for So Long. Ideas?

People who flake out, including myself, I do it all the time.

things I am into

Birthdays, especially summer birthdays.

Trader Joe's food. Anyone want to go there in a car? Whenevs.

The urban yard sale. Find me on Broad St Saturday. Near Dickinson.

Kneesocks. It's just an idea, but I tried it out last night, and liked it enough to try again. I don't really understand what shoes are supposed to happen with them though?


Dan Platt said...

What's the urban yard sale (I'll look it up before you get back to me)?

I don't have a car but I do have an old lady cart you could borrow.

Knee socks = mary janes or another strappy shoe

Bangs said...

An urban yard sale is when you sell things, on a stoop, in the city. Don't get too excited.