Monday, June 22, 2009


Brian Neville once tricked himself into liking tomatoes, and I want to too.
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I'm starting by only taking about half of them off my salad, and pretending the rest are salsa fresca or pico de gallo. Are those the same thing?


elizabethfrances said...

when i saw "tom" followed by brian neville, i thought this was going to be about sarah's dad.
you need to try fresh tomatoes maybe at a farmers market on your way to the cottage for the 4th ?

awesome said...

i eat tomatoes here because they're just kind of on everything. mushrooms too [actually mushrooms way more than tomatoes] and when i'm eating them they're not bad but i still want to take them off. i kind of stopped taking mushrooms off because touching them grosses me out more than eating them but tomatoes..well i eat some when diced but sliced is a whole other story. too much too fast.

Bangs said...

Sarah. Sometimes I'll leave a slice on a sandwich if it's a little slice - just to try it out. But then you bite into it, and the whole slice of tomato slides out and hangs out of your mouth, and then you're faced with "put it back in?" "eat it whole?" or "keep not liking tomatoes" and, well, I choose the later.
So basically, you're right. A slice is too much too fast.

pinchefresco said...

Here's how I taught myself to like tomatoes when I was 20:

i started eating them like apples, but cut in half with olive oil and salt and pepper on them. I tried to take time and really taste them and decide what I was tasting and if it bothered me or if I liked it.

The tomatoes won and now I can't get enough.