Monday, June 22, 2009

shop pause

So, I think I'm going to do it.
I went to the library today, and on the way thought, "I should really quit shopping, but probably right after I buy one more cardigan." It's a problem.
I have no grand philosophical reasons (I just don't have it in me to boycott consumerism), and I've already noted my influences. So this is pretty much just me, telling myself, quit for a minute. For real, I own like a hundred dresses, one more isn't going to make or break my look, my life, my wardrobe.

Here are my reasons:
I spend too much money on crappy clothes.
I have too many clothes to move with.
Sometimes I shop to make myself feel better.

Hopeful outcomes:
Saving money, spending it on things that are more fun.
Re-discovering old clothes, making new outfits happen from them.
Deciding what to keep, what to pass on.

If I was keeping buying clothes, this dress would certainly make the cut.
Image Hosted by
It would probably go past my knees, which is why no one should shop online anyway. You just can't tell.

Rules (self imposed challenges must have hard and fast rules, or else they are abandoned):
No clothes. Quit lunch break H&M-ing,, and going to the mall with Kelly.
Shoes? Yes. If the right shoe comes along, I am definitely buying it. I think shoes lead to better outfits, and that's a goal, so yeah. I'm still in the shoe game.
One month. Starting today. The 22nd. Maybe it'll be longer than that, but that's a start.


zerbipedia said...

I have been thinking about this since last night, and as long as it's about spending less money, and in keeping with the rules you mentioned, I think I'm in. At least until I move.

elizabethfrances said...

Sue, I think you are so funny.

elizabethfrances said...

and i like you.

awesome said...

sue, now that i don't live with you and benefit from this addiction, you're right, you need a break. play wii every time you want to shop.

kamper part deux said...

who am i going to go to the mall with now?

pinchefresco said...

What about stealing?

SNEQUA -- which is funny, cause it's almost Sarah's real name