Thursday, June 18, 2009

up, dated

I put a couple new/old pictures on my Flickr - nothing to write home about. How come we don't use Flickr really? I like it. I can see your pictures without having to read all the words or click through Facebook.
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Tonight is Marianne on JEOPARDY! Again! Sorry if that was a spoiler, but you were going to find out anyway. She and lucky pony did really well, hopefully they will again tonight, so that the party they're throwing in August really can have one of those "grab the money while it's flying around" booths, filled with tons and tons of nearly worthless rupees. It probably costs a lot to rent one of those.

And finally, bring paper bags if you come over tomorrow, BTB needs them for mailing the books out.
And it's Andy's birthday.

So many posts today. Getting good at it* again.

*blogging. In consistency, not content.


awesome said...

i like that we specifically had a conversation about the jeopardy outcome being a surprise.


Bangs said...
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Bangs said...

Get used to it. I ruin surprises, people, lives.

Besides, you don't know if she won again TONIGHT.