Monday, June 29, 2009

future nets

A lot of times, Sandro points us to these good articles. One today was pretty much Google vs Facebook.
So then, I arrive at the hypothetical ulitmatum: what do you choose if you have to choose one? For real, if you could only do Google or Facebook, and all your nets were filtered through it or whatever, what do you pick? My loyalties are with Google, but I've only ever had to compare it to...I don't know - Yahoo or something? So I'd say Google. But then the author brings up this point about how, you're trying to learn something about someone - do you get a better picture of them from a Google search, or from a Facebook page? FB.
This wasn't even really what the article was about, just so you know. That's just where I landed.

Also, I hate that businesses are Twittering. BBQ place in the Italian Market? Rustica? No thanks. My boss said we're definitely not going down that route (this is a big question in the fake/online world of IT staffing), and I was so glad. I don't know why I hate Twittering so much, but I do. I guess I just like you more the less I know about you.

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