Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Need a bike?

This is Sarah's old bike. She gave it to me when she moved to Rochester. Now I want to give it to you.
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It's cute, it's little, rides like a tank (is that a thing?). This is the bike I crashed on the trolley tracks. Bike survived fine, my face did not. So, this bike is stronger than my face?

Tires are flat, so no, you can't come try it out. It needs tubes (or maybe just air?) and some other amount of love.

Also, see Marilyn's garden?


lady.shiv said...

I want that bike. Because I need to learn to ride one. And that one inspires me!

Bangs said...

If you can come and get it soon-ish, it's all yours. Like I said, it needs a tune up, but it'd probably be a really good bike to learn on - it's little and super sturdy.