Thursday, June 11, 2009


Been seeing a lot of doctors (again) this week.

While I was in the neurosurgery waiting room, I read this magazine "WebMD" which is pretty much just the most obvious things from the website. I learned some things. First, that people lie to their doctors, and doctors know this. Marilyn and Andy and I were just talking about this, and Andy was so surprised that it's true. Anyway, one of the things people lie most about (according to this article) is alcohol consumption. These doctors think it's a pretty safe bet to double the drinks per week that any patient tells you. So really Andy, maybe you should be lying, because they're going to assume the worst anyway.

My other doctor (my otolaryngologist) has me gargling with hydrogen peroxide to combat this gross throat thing. Sounds scary, is awesome. It makes the back of your throat all foamy and burny in the good way. Try it.

I guess that's it.
Camping tomorrow. Fake camping.


awesome said...

i wish i lived with you so you could peer pressure me into trying hydrogen peroxide.


christophresh said...

As your other-doctor, I think that you should double the amount that you actually drink each month (but not each week), and I am also going to diagnose the nickel taste in your mouth thus: from drinking hydro pero, not from ambien lunesta.

these are medical facts okay