Monday, June 15, 2009

best and worst

There's a lot of dumb parts about being half deaf (for those of you who don't know, it's not that I'm half-deaf all around, instead, I can't hear at all on the left. Pretty okay on the right).
Obvious things like not hearing you if you whisper in that ear, being the worst person ever to try to talk to at a noisy bar, and the constant ringing.
Also there's this weird directional thing, where I'm standing someplace and can't tell which direction whatever noise is coming from. This mostly manifests itself in the lobby of my building, where I hear the elevator "ding" but have no idea which one it was. I stand looking at the elevator I was expecting, (the Wrong Elevator, always), then have to do a slow spin around til I find the right one.

The best part of being so completely half deaf is times like this weekend, basically sharing a space with 5 other people, and trying to sleep. Good ear into the pillow, and then everything is SO QUIET. It almost makes it worth it, for real.


Dan Platt said...

sue you are amazing.

awesome said...

your best is my worst. how will i keep you awake on long road trips when i think u need attention