Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things I Learned

from my surgery - just a couple

My head pusses out all the time. I'm resigned about being gross. People care less than I thought.

I got okay with being alone. Sometimes I even choose it now on purpose.

Not shopping for 4 weeks was fine. Granted, one of those weeks I was in the hopsital, and the other weeks I wasn't really going places, but I didn't feel the urge, which was good.

Super short haircut is fine, and super easy.

Having tons and tons of time on my hands made me less creative
, and way more into tv. I had big plans.

1 comment:

Bangs said...

Regarding caring and pussing:

I meant people don't care like they're not literally sicked out by it, not that they don't CARE.

And, (because you care), I promise, I'll go to the doctor if it doesn't stop. But they told me it would leak out a little, and it is.

Gross, but true.