Monday, April 27, 2009

funny games

1. We might go camping in Letchworth State park for Lilley's wedding? "Camping" means staying in a place with walls and bathrooms, but maybe bonfires too.

2. Maryilyn told me that Conrad announced to everyone that he's "good with girls", and I wonder who told him that/how he got that idea in his head.

3. My dad sent me this picture of his cat today
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4. Last night (I forgot to mention) that the movie was saw at the Riverview last night was the one for deaf people. Where, across the bottom of the screen it says "soft soulful guitar begins" and then later (to show the music is still playing, two little music notes on screen. Along with all the dialog. Heading in that direction, which made it even funnier.

(Melissa said lists are better than paragraphs. She actually told me to tell you, Andy, but I thought I could take a hint too).


pinchefresco said...

Yeah but I think I'm actually heading for no-list territory, with short and sweet posts.

Got a tumblr, switching for good this week. Let me know if you want in.

LuLu said...

I love your dad. I'll adopt another cat, especially one that American.