Sunday, April 12, 2009

risen, indeed

Happy Easter.
If your hungry for some Reese's eggs, you can come over and eat some, left over from eternal brunch. I might not be here though becuase I'm going to take a walk over to Ikea to see if they have these chair cushions that my mom has emailed me about eleven times.
Ikea is open on Easter? Isn't that nice?

I think I must have subsituted "summer weekends" with "all weekends" in my mind sometime while I was recovering. I came back expecting (and not totally excited about, to be honest) a hundred loud dance parties, warehouses and lofts, Making Time type events, cross city bike rides all the time. When I've realized is that we're a little more hang out at that house, then hang out at this house, then do this other low key thing. (Oh, and on Friday, I forgot to add the part where we all hang out in the car outside the Barbary for kind of a while. I like it fine. It's probably seasonal anyway - we'll see. For now, I'm content with pictionary, potluck, and (new) giant cats.
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Plus, I'm like, an artist now.

PS, What'll we all talk about at the end of the month when C quits his list of weird rules and exceptions? I guess someone will have to make some drama. Not it.


pinchefresco said...

How about me and Alexis doing raw foods? Or should it be something more "controversial?"

Bangs said...

Are we supposed to call you out on it? When do you start? It sounds...tricky, but I'm sure it's so good for you.