Thursday, April 23, 2009


Last night I had a simple goal. Take every item of clothing out of my closet, take pictures of it, decide what to keep. (The pictures were so I could make these purging decisions via satelite, from work or something, and also develop some sort of digital closet). I thought...50 dresses was the right amount to keep. Right?
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I ended up cleaning out my closet, but instead of putting everything back in, I put most back in, but also expanded my closet to the opposite wall of my room, which is now the shoes and bags wall. I got rid of barely anything.
Someone motivate me with another clothes swap*, stat.

Other things are fixed tooth (again, and no more Now'N'Laters), working on Mii costume ideas, working on Lost costume ideas (and so should you), weddings, birthdays, movies, Medieval Times dinners.

*new funniest part of clothes swap is resulting game "who gave Sue that outfit". You girls have really distinct taste, cause someone always knows who I'm dressed up as.

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