Saturday, April 25, 2009

new weekends

We're not the Making Time crowd anymore, and I wonder who is. In retrospect, the first Making Times (at Transit, when I was 21 or 22?) were so fun and dancing and meeting boys, and Sparks, and the 47, and everything. Then it turned into this weird thing that was mostly about trying to find the allusive Most Fun Room, and a hundred trips up and down the stairs. Maybe I just miss the Sarah/Melissa aspect of those first ones - they were really funny.

Anyway, now Friday nights are sometimes like the second version of MT, where everyone is trying to find the best thing to do, and it seems like there's just tons of text messages happening, but often it's a hang out at Rustica or something. This is probably because Andy works real late on Fridays and can't corral us into a place.

I stayed South last night, we had drinks from blenders and learned the difference between girls from New York (who roll in wearing pencil skirts and tiny heels - good job, K&G) and girls from Philly, who manage to throw parties while wearing genie pants.
I was bad at being friends I guess, but plan to make it up. Pizza party and Mii party today. Almost as good as Cape Cod. Sorry, "the Cape".

Oh, and I'm getting a website (instead of a blogspot) or something soon? I'm not totally sure I get it/what it means, but in a little while it'll be just It's getting re-did - you know, for someone's portfolio.


pinchefresco said...

When you have your own domain name, is that how you know you're an adult?

pinchefresco said...

Also: think I'm gonna chip in my two cents on the "What happened to my party" thing on 10 Funny. (Whose name I want to change, too, by the way).