Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today I was going through a box of stationary, and I found a notebook (that Phil got me in Thailand or something?). Remember when everybody was making those lists? 101 Things to Do in 1001 Days? There was a whole blog about it someplace. Anyway, mine was obviously abandoned (at 60 things, I didn't even finish the list), but was scheduled to be fulfilled two months from now.

Here's a couple things I did:
3. use my passport more
11. send mail to A in Switzerland
16. quit soda (did I ever even like soda?)
17. see dentist (ha)
28. try to improve posture (I at least thought about this a lot)
44. ween off sugar in coffee
53. see Nikki more
63. make beer shampoo

and here's a few I didn't do (yet?):
2. pay off Visa
8. upload all those videotapes from 2k5
18. floss every day for a month
34. sew a dress from a pattern
51. make Matt leBlanc calendar
55. take a polaroid every day for a year
56. post them
58. throw a party somewhere that's not my house

so, I have those, and about forty+ other things to do. Really quick.
The good news is, I did a lot of other things instead.


Rad said...

Three years of credit card debt? I know I've given you alot of shit about this, but clearly not enough. Take out a small loan, borrow the money from someone, it doesn't matter, stop spending the first day of every month working for visa. You can't race 18%.

Bangs said...

Oh, you're thinking of my other Visa.


Bangs said...

p.s. It's awesome that you open my mail and know my credit card rate.