Friday, April 3, 2009

keeping blogging

Here's just a bunch of things that have been happening lately. I guess I blog less cause I compute less or whatever. So: updates. We'll shoot for ten.

1. Maybe trips. My life now includes a couple maybe trips (Cape Cod? Tuscany?) which is great cause I've been having a little cabin (Philly) fever (phever?).

2. Marilyn met Henry Winkler.
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3. My head started leaking, and it's super gross, and I won't talk about it more. It's nothing to worry about, just gross.

4. Conrad has a blog now I guess, about his new intentional unhappiness, which is kind of his thing usually/anyway, but now you can read about how he's doing it on purpose for a month.
Question (that I guess Andy already posed): for someone who's main thing is thriving on attention, isn't it counter-productive to make a blog about it (if you're trying to be unhappy)? I also didn't really realize that that's what is was about, I thought at the beginning he was just trying to detox or something. I guess it grew.
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Anyway, Conrad, I know you usually get really unhappy when we hang out. So, whenever.

5. When my iPod is working, I've been taking long walks with Sarah Vowell, trying to learn some things about dead presidents and patriotism. I'm not sure if it's working.

6. We're really working our way through that candy. You can come over and eat some Now and Laters, I quit them.
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(Also, good news? Getting my tooth fixed for free on Tuesday. Toothsday.)

7. Ex-boyfriend's (or whatever) moms who I haven't seen in years have been getting in touch with me this week. Kind of out of the blue, kind of surprising.

8. Today, I GOT A PAYCHECK FROM CHA-CHA. Remember when I used to work for them? I am really excited.

9. I wear Crocs around the house sometimes. Marilyn got me a charm.
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I'm sorry, a "jibbet". A silver starfish. Accepting more, if you guys see a good one.

10. April Fool's jokes. Apparently you have to go all the way to New York to see them happen. But they were good. Nice job Carl, you really made it happen. Sealed beers filled with water? Explosive properties of Mentos?

(Also guys, I saw Christopher in New York? He was having a super hard time with the stairs and I think he told me he got hit by a car or something, but I couldn't really hear him and kind of just did a lot of nodding. It was noisy.)

I guess I need a new camera so I stop using M's all the time.
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(This is kind of funny, I found it on her camera).

Does anybody do anything anymore? This is my final weekend of endless weekend.


elizabethfrances said...

thanks for the picture of candy. i was wondering when ?

nikki said...

I wish you could live in my bathroom all the time! Whenever i am sad i could just open the door and see you in there (?)dancing(?)!

awesome said...

your crocs are so ugly

pinchefresco said...

What's this charm thing? Do you wear it on your ugly lesbo mom shoes? I don't understand.