Friday, April 24, 2009

deal breakers

Like a big game of "would you rather" where the choices are "would you rather date someone who was really annoying in this specific way OR be alone?", deal breakers have been a big topic lately.

HZ has a lot of good ones. Like toe socks, and Nascar devotion, tattoos of breasts on chests, and belly button rings. Sarah would probably quit a boy over talk radio (but not over a belly button ring, conincidentally), other people can't get over haircuts, musical preferences (ska. Nick Filardi.), geographic differences, height, on and on.
I can't think of any.
But I know I must have a million. That swiss cheese thing from Craigslist is definitely one of them, but I can't really figure out the rest. People who are way too into their iPhones maybe? Boys who talk about their band too much*?

Is there a difference between no one being good enough and just being okay not dating someone for realsies?

Also, so you know, in the meantime, I did think of a lot of case-by-case dealbreakers that I have/have had, but a lot of them were too personal to air here. Read my other blog for that. Just kidding. I don't have another blog.

*actually haven't encountered boys who love their bands that much since probably ... 2001, but still.


awesome said...

It's kind of funny/strange that even very far apart we're doing the same things in life. I actually have a "deal breakers" list that i made with jeremy and tyler on valentines day. talk radio is not on it but the following are:
believes in conspiracy theories
tongue piercing
lazy eye
missing limb
pretentious [in an eric way not in a conrad way]
doesn't like my friends
wants to spend bathroom time together
wears awful clothing - for example, white jeans, iridescent flame or dragon shirts etc

Bangs said...

That's funny - in my head, you let racism slide (prob bc of Joel I think this?), as well as shiny shirts, if only for a moment. I agree with you about many/most of these things.