Tuesday, April 7, 2009

old grind

Back to work and everything; today is day two. Before work though, I had to go to the dental school to take care of broken tooth (number one). Oh - they can't. They didn't get medical clearance. Cool. I'll just come back to the end of the earth* next week for the chip and then make a few appointments for my first root canal.
Instead of getting my grilled fixed up, we talked about Long Term, and payment. It's cool, I'll just power through and pay a few hundred a month for the next eight years. If I get approved. Lawsuit, hurry up. One way or the other, just let me know.

Last night we went to Trader Joe's with about 500 9-5er fringe types. I'm trying to eat out less, or not at all, but am Very Bad at shopping. The whole trip was kind of ill flavored by Conrad and I trying (failing) to be nice to each other for like an hour. Check out girl was particularly perceptive about this.
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After that? Monsters vs Aliens, which was WAY worse than Monsters Inc, (or Aliens for that matter). It was in 3d though, and had one funny joke about Steven Hawking.

*West Philly

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PithySarcasm said...

One not bad thing about losing hearing in one ear...
you can still watch movies in 3D. I have never known the pleasure (well, maybe...but if I saw a 3D movie before my brain tumor I don't recall. Did they have 3D before 1982?)