Monday, April 27, 2009


Sunday was a perfect day, Lou Reed style. Woke up, went to the park in the AM and did blankets and books til temperatures called for showers. The rest was free food, seeing everyone in the world in NoLibs, playing games (we played Set Cubed - it's set/scrabble/dice/dominoes, and is alright) at the comic book shop, giant cinco de mayo celebrations with men painted in silver and eloborate faux-mummer outfits, frozen drinks, steak dinners, and going to the movies.

At the Riverview, it seems that everyone else in the whole world thought it was a good night to see Beyonce go bananas, but we picked Observe and Report, which was a little funny, but in that "cute or sad?" way, like when they have websites about dogs who have wheelchairs, or squirrels wearing casts.

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