Wednesday, April 29, 2009

l + f

Things I've lost recently, or only recently noticed are missing:
that makeup bag with the martini on it that Kelly gave me (I think it has a toothbrush or something in it)
giant red scarf
sleeping bag

Some things I'm trying out again:
heels (well, wedges)
makeup (only a little)
jewelry (maybe something like this) -
Image Hosted by
(you could buy it for me and pick out the colors and font and even what it says and everything. I'll wear it. It's from Etsy.)


FXF said...

you know what, i just saw a girl wearing a hat that said "bethany" and i thought it was really funny. i should have stopped her and asked her how much for it. not that you said you were into hats.

reeves. said...

i like your gangsta side.