Monday, April 13, 2009


5 things I really want to get on soon
and some things that are already working out.

1. Children's book. I can do that.
2. Start using my Holga again.
3. Learn how to write grants?
4. ASL
5. Get new teeth/get existing teeth fixed


1. Quitting eating out, and instead striving for 5 f/v's a day, landing around 3-4.
2. Drawing pictures.
3. Mail.
4. Organizing digital things.
5. South Philly (again).


pinchefresco said...

1. What's a Holga?

2. Remember when you used to write lists of ten things on my blog? Wish we hadn't gotten divorced. I'm still wearing the ring.

awesome said...

even though you and i have talked about asl in your life i still think "age/sex/location" and get confused why you want that.