Friday, April 24, 2009

Oceanic awesome

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It's official. LOST party is May 30, shortly after the conclusion of Season 5. It's a costume party. Start brainstorming, get creative.

May 30, 10+pm, 1536 S Beulah, BYOB, all the usual stuff.


Bangs said...

Sorry guys, I meant "Lostume party". Thanks, Dane.

Bangs said...

Also, I like Deven the most cause he said he's coming dressed as a better tv show.
Also, I'm a weirdo. Who comments on her own blog? This girl.

LuLu said...

Lostume party is genius and I have a crush on whomever made the logo. Buttons maybe?

Maybe I'll just let my hair go, not wear makeup and put on a bad button-up and be Kate. But I don't look like a man, so it might not be that good.

FXF said...

Lulu, You can't go as Kate because you don't look like a FERRET (or a man for that matter, but that girl is Not. Attractive. If I were Aaron I'd try to leave her in the grocery store too).

I'm working on going as the writers' strike. It'll be a green costume and I'll say a bunch of cryptic but ultimately meaningless things all night and once I'm gone and the party really gets started, people will be like, "god, couldn't he have left five weeks ago so we could've been having more fun all night?"

It's convoluted and stupid, but that's what I'm working on. Either that or Roger Workman.

Bangs said...

I LOVE conceptual costumes.

LuLu said...

Fran-Yes on Roger Workman. You can get drunk and it will still be part of your Lostume.

Scratch Kate because I think I'm going as Charlotte with a nose bleed.

I'm still mad Dane thought of Lostume before me.

pinchefresco said...

Can somebody be Art?

Or Matt from Heroes who was the pilot in the first episode and got eaten by the Smoke Monster?

Can somebody be "every plot device we hate from season 3 - VW van, whole episode with no characters we know where everyone dies in the end and no one else on the show cares, etc."?

FXF said...

Oh you know what? I was confusing the writers strike with what andy is talking about.

That's what I meant. Shitty Season 3 stuff, not writers strike. Writers strike is why time travel showed up so quick in season 4. nothing wrong with that.

Also if I go as Roger Workman I can find somebody who's dressed as Ben and just knock him around all night and hit on all the Kates.