Monday, April 6, 2009

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Today is Back To Work, and it's Not That Bad.
I have lots of nets to catch up on, a minimal amount of work, letter writing & sending, Scrabble games started a month ago, ordering digital cameras online, etc.

First up: I want to really do Fleisher this summer. I say that most seasons, but always have a trip, major surgery, or something where I'd end up missing some of the classes, which makes it kind of a bust.
But this summer, thinking about
Quilt Arts, Watercolors, or Stitch and Surface (experimental embroidery).
The only thing that I'm going to let cut into this is too many trips, which, with my life, probably won't happen.
I also want to start or learn how to draw things, but it's way too late in my personal chronology to take a drawing class. I just don't think I could.
Anyway, looking for co-learners.

Next: I want to quit eating and drinking out. I have SO MUCH lately, and it's dumb, cause I just eat bad food, feel kind of gross after, and then am poor. A proposition - can we all just have each other over for dinner all the time? Kampers? WH? Andy? Conrad? HZ? I'm talking to you. We all have kitchens. Let's do it.
Also: intrigued by, but not sold on, the idea that some of these people do where you see if you can eat for $1/day or $25/week or whatever. I just can't figure out if it's an exercise in frugality or what, but I do like a monthly challenge, and I'd rather pay medical bills than eat expensive food so...
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Anyway. What's new with you? I've been drawing pictures.


awesome said...

A. i like that picture a lot
B. sorry again about the laffy taffy
C. i really want to learn how to draw, classes, i want a teacher. a sexy old man teacher
D. $1/day = $7/week
E. $25/week is super easy w/ just eating in and i think unknowingly you do it.
F. my word verification is obvi and reminds me of that story i used to read to our guests, the one about baby cruise [i've been gone long enough that i can't remember her name]

Bangs said...



reeves. said...

YES to classes at fleisher this summer, dinners in, and pictures of your mouth. count me in!

elizabethfrances said...

too bad we don't live in the same city, because we eat in everyday. and fred is a good cook. sometimes i cook things up too. it would be fun.

elizabethfrances said...

ps i always think your drawing are fantastic so you should keep making them.

kamper part deux said...

im in for dinners.
lets work that out.

pinchefresco said...

I'm in for eating in

(or eating in Rustica...we still make Awesomes)

pinchefresco said...

Wait Sarah, you have been long if "obvi" reminds you of that story...I think we officially say that all the time now and forgot where it came from

christophresh said...

Eating out is a total scam. I'd have people over to my house, but there is never enough room in the kitchen when I cook for myself. And I have a tiny stomach.
I always that that 'obvi' was a forever word: I didn't know it 'came from somewhere'. You people mystify me.

PithySarcasm said...

I was picking out my Fleisher courses yesterday and the stitching class is on my list. But, it was on my list last year and lost out to acrylic painting. Maybe it will make the cut this year. Is so, we can stitch and sweat together all summer!!

LuLu said...

If you pick Quilting let me know. I may be in with you.

nikki said...

lets get back into Wed. and ask leslie to make us dinners again!