Thursday, April 16, 2009


I quit (okay, stopped) taking Ambien, so am just kind of up a lot. Awake. At dumb times. It's mostly lame. So last night/this morning, around 5, I was making a bagel and looking for cream cheese, and noticed that there was blood all over the bottom of the fridge. From that steak Andy asked Conrad to bring us. Days and days ago.

Other things I'm thinking about:

What would it be like to be a foreign nanny, living in a high-rise in Philly? I've been hanging out with other nannies lately, and am learning I have it pretty good.

Andy, I can't usually watch the videos you post. No sound on work computer, and no patience at home. Similarly, I don't usually listen to songs people post. Sorry guys.

Why do people have pictures of their kids instead of themselves as their Facebook picture? Carrie Swift from high school, I'm talking to you. It's weird to get a friend request that is just a picture of a two year old boy, attached to the name of a girl I used to know.
Also, I kind of like Facebook, guys - 'cause you don't ever have to log in, the email they send you about the message you got has the whole message in it. Easy peasy.

I need to mail a lot of things.

My head started bleeding last night at dinner. That was a surprise. I think a scab just fell off or something (sick, right?). So much blood in my life (kind of a joke/kind of real).

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elizabethfrances said...

i don't know why people put up pictures of there kids for facebook or anything representing themselves ? and i think it's really weird. ( and i hope i never do this, so remind me )

remember looking at houghton year books and seeing all the wedding photos ? it reminds me of this. it's just weird.