Sunday, April 19, 2009

shed a light on love

Saw Adventureland today. Far exceeded my expectations. I was pretty sure we were in for something between Superbad* and Pineapple Express*, but it was funnier, less jokes where people get hurt (some people like slapstick, but it's not my scene), and sentimental in a way better way than, say, Nick and Norah*.
Anyway, it's about a bunch of kids who have bachelors degrees in really specific things and can't get work, so instead have crappy jobs, and aren't sure who to date, and drink and drive, and go to bars called "the Stardust Lounge" (didn't we go there around 2003 or something?). And the soundtrack was good.
Anyway, between my low expectations and the bad feeling I got from the date movie previews that came with this, I was surprised.

Also, how come no one will go see Nick Cage with me? Anyone?

*in my head these movies are all the same genre. I think if Michael Cera or someone from Freaks and Geeks is in something, it's in the same new nameless genre (to me).

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