Friday, April 17, 2009


Listening to 1999, making good decisions, and trying to push myself into riding my bike (I'm so nervous about it, but it's so nice out! I've got to do it).

Everyone in center city and at South Street (yeah) is dressed really well (except the UArts kids, who always look like they just moved into the city a minute ago), and everybody is biking and park-ing, and we're all making dinner for each other all the time? Awesome.

Also, been thinking about things I've tricked my body into believing lately:
-balancing despite bad equilibrium
-no period 2k9 (so far, so good, and now with an a-ok from lady doc)*
-eating with a lot of halfsie teeth
-sleeping without help

This wasn't really about anything.

*isn't as drastic as it sounds, and won't really be the whole year, but so far, so good.


reeves. said...

i adore you.

Bangs said...

Reeves, I think you should know that I'm finally having an allergic reaction to that pinapple I rubbed on my arm over at Viv's(?) house that one time. My arm is really itchy now.

lady.shiv said...

Awesome to 1999.

pinchefresco said...

Yay, Sue's pregnant!

(i'm starting up the 2K9 rumor mill a little late)

Bangs said...

Well, Andy - that would explain the 8 lbs that Wii Fit was so disappointed in me about.