Monday, April 27, 2009


let the Craigslist experiement begin!

My friend Holly is trying to go on ten craigslist dates this summer, to help us learn what the world of free-personal ads really has to offer single girls.

No promise of a serious long term relationship resulting (obviously, she’s trying for ten dates, with a compare and contrast-type outcome) - but that’s not to say that the date won’t blossom into something beautiful…

About Holly: 30, information scientist in Philadelphia. Likes comic books, literature, movies, videogames. Excellent cook, interested in the arts, drives a super cute scooter, great at (insightful but) sarcastic comments. Likes cats and dogs, and rock shows and crafts.
Never married, no kids. One slightly childish roommate.

About You: hopefully in the -/+5 years (25-35) with a job, and interests, ideas of places to go on dates. Hopefully, you don’t have any weirdo fetishes, like that swiss cheese guy who posted last week.

About the Date: She’s going to take notes (but really, every girl is. Learn about it) – cause I told you, it’s like science will be happening, and you want to be a part of that, right? Don’t expect it to be a “one date = sex” thing, ‘cause it’s not that either.

Ideas for dates (in case you’re bad at it): movies (action/comicbook/something bad with Nick Cage/HP6), dinners at good restaurants that you’re disinclined to visit with your friends, the ferry to the Aquarium, obscure but good bands, amusement parks, mini-golf…c’mon. You can do it. Think up something good.

Anyway, we’ll be perusing replies and hope to get back to everyone so Holly can go on ten good dates this summer! Who knows…maybe you’ll knock her socks off, and she’ll quit the experiment after meeting you?

email (and please, yes send a picture or your facebook page or something), and she'll get back to you!

Currently sifting through responses.


Bangs said...

also, any strangers out there reading this: try it out

Bangs said...

I can save u both some time. Cl is full of lying cheating hookers and scamers if she wants to meet a nice man take her to church. And I'm not a bible knocker but I am a man. So take it from me girls this is bull shit and I think the cl owners r in on it. I've been trying to meet a nice lady and all I've met is the above. Maybe I'm just a hatein but I know I'm not. I've surfed this thing from coast to coast and found the same people in maine advertiseing ads in la. And in mexico. So tell me how the hell can people b in 2 or3 places at the same time. So suit ur self just no that dewdrop from philly tried to warn u. Peacs and good luck.
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pinchefresco said...

I don't like "don't have any weird fetishes." For a bunch of reasons, but especially, what if they have an Adopted Asian fetish?

I really like dewdrop though. Can I get his number?

my capcha:

awesome said...

you should have said she is asian

LuLu said...

I don't know which is funnier- TARDS or dewdrop.

pinchefresco said...

Basically, this Craigslist adventure was most of what we talked about at dinner tonight with Holly. Very excited. Luke from Circle somehow turned it into a lesson on how to tell if somebody's a lesbian, and none of us thought that was weird.

I'm batting a thousand with the capchas. SKYPEAD? Is it actually a Skype ad? Did Skype pay for "viral advertising" that works on so many meta-levels?