Friday, April 9, 2010


If you live around, you probably see these chips a lot.

Obviously, we talk about dressing up as the Homegirls. Maybe for Halloween, but probably just for fun.
Every time people are talking about who would be who, there's a little debate about if Kimmy or Marilyn should be Kathy (with the shades) or Maria (with the button fly jeans), but always everyone knows I would be Rasheeda. It's like an obvious match to people. Which is fine, but weird.

Tonight is more other costumes, pictures someday.

And, I have late night rainy bike ride hair that I haven't gotten to wash. It's bad. And all this black dandruff from burning my scalp last week and then dying it black. Cool.

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pinchefresco said...

The best Rap Snacks were the pink candy-coated tortilla chips with Missy Elliot on the bag. I haven't seen them for a minute. They were heaven.

LOOLIC (which is what my life is)