Monday, April 26, 2010


This weekend, after someone was "too hot" for bridge (a joke, kind of, about broken air conditioners), I ended up going to see Date Night*, that one with Tiny Fey and Steve Carrel.

In this movie, the two stars pretty much play the same characters they play on their respective sit-coms, which might be them playing themselves in real life.  You know this if you saw the preview, but it's a case of mistaken identity thing, and they end up being responsible for procuring a flash drive with incriminating evidence on it.
Which obviously brought up this girl:
Anyway, it's like this:  they have a boring married life, case of mistaken identity, troubles/tribulation, fall back in love.  My mom would have liked it, if not for all the swearing.

Like The Happening, and so many others before and after it, the best (and maybe only good) part of this movie was Mark Wahlberg.
The worst part was the integration of spy-action movie and romantic comedy.  And the outtakes at the end.  Do you want to watch outtakes of 30 Rock?  No?  You only want to see the good jokes, delivered correctly?  Oh, me too.
The movie was also very loud, which is fine for me, but also slightly out of focus, the whole time.   I should write a letter to Riverview prob.

*somewhat ironically, considering who I went with and how much it wasn't a date.


FXF said...

Sounds very Adventures In Babysitting.

pinchefresco said...

Is "Tiny Fey" an intentional joke that I can't figure out, or just a hilarious typo?

PS - Down with Riverview.

christophresh said...

Even the still shot you put up is out of focus: poor "Tiny Fey" is all fuzzy.
Also, my Captcha?:
which looked like 'my eyes' (see focus)