Monday, April 12, 2010

back to weekends

There was probably ten funny things this weekend, I was probably asleep for...three or four.

I recently got called out as being the only person who would get pulled over on a bicycle. Similarly, Kimmy and I are the only people I know about who would go 10 blocks in the wrong direction in a taxi, and then get pulled over because the cab went the wrong way on a one way street, then argued with the cop. Awesome.

Our outfits were pretty good (in a sea of black tie formal). One guy told me I could "scalp him, anytime".

(here's it, on a deer, not on me)

I won a prize.
Gift certificate, chalk (more useful than you think),

a bottle of Root (which we drank Saturday night, and made me miss the rest of fun things that happened).

We danced with the funniest boys Friday night, who got Marilyn and I confused. How does this happen to me and everyone. I was wearing a GOLD MEDAL!? It shouldn't have been so hard.

Saturday people came to our house. Three boys who probably got pretty annoyed that I called all of them "Sarah Jessica Parker" all night, and some regulars. Ryan killed a rat with a pellet gun. (See Marilyn's or Kimmy's blog for details, if you must).

Then I went to sleep, too early, after too much Root, and missed all the other fun parts. No big deal. I had movies to see the next day anyway.


r___anderson said...

sue, you get so many weird-o's giving you weirdly sexual native american pick-up lines. weird.

pinchefresco said...

I've got a Funny Thing:

At the party we went to after you passed out, Ben and I were talking about breakups and how some of our female friends in the past have tried to be really nice to the guys who treated them like shit--giving back expensive presents, etc.

I was about to tell him about Missy's grandmother, who was proposed to three times and kept all the rings. I said, "Here's what I always tell girls..."

Just then this girl who happened to be dancing her way between me and Ben stopped and gave me a (really impressive) amused/angered sarcastic sneer and said, "What? What? WHAT DO YOU ALWAYS TELL GIRLS? Huh?"

I was like, "No, it's not what you think..."

"No, come on, tell me, I want to know! What do you always tell girls?"

"No, seriously. I'm gay. I'm on your side."

I actually saw her blush and run away. I really like her and want to be her friend. If anyone knows this person, please send her my way.


kamper part deux said...

Where the fuck is my orange feather headress? I'm so serious about it.