Friday, January 21, 2011

Art Fight

So:  this idea has been getting tossed around for a while, and now Kamper is actually making it happen.  It's Art Fight.
Basically, tomorrow, a topic is announced via email (or something?  I'll post it here in the comments when I know it).  Then, you have one week to make whatever you want that relates to the topic.  (The rules/format are loosely based on 2004's "Power Point Showdown:  The Coffin".)

So you'll have a topic tomorrow, then you make a drawing, painting, sculpture, movie, song, food, dance (Roxy), monologue, print, chair, movie, mixed drink, diorama*, stand up routine, whatever.  You get a week!

The next Saturday (the 29th) we'll meet up at Lehigh, hang all the work, listen to your song, etc.  Three unannounced judges will be awarding three surprise prizes for three undetermined categories.

I'm not an officiator, but I can tell you some things I know about it:
- your work must be new
- music/videos (or music videos?) are going to have a time limit.  Get at Kamper about that.
- there will also be some obvious size limitations.  
- you can go it alone, or make a team
- people who want to come but don't want to make something, can make a 5 song playlist based on the theme.  We'll play  it. 
- if you're long distance and want in, you can email a scan of the work, or your playlist, or whatever to Greg, and he'll try and work it out.  Maybe we'll just get some iPads and hang them on the wall with your pictures on them.  Sounds good, right?  Also I think they're planning some sort of Skype-ing situation.  I don't know about it.
I can handle general questions about how it'll work, but Kamper is in charge of the specifics. 


*someone please make a diorama.


Bangs said...

Also, I'm not totally sure about the Hummer Limo, but that's what was used in the original FB invite, so I copied that.
Maybe it's a hint?

Kamper said...


The theme for Art Fight is: "February, 1997"

Create a new piece of art (painting, drawing, film, music, sculpture, furniture, food, mixed drink, diorama, monologue, stand up routine, whatever) and we will meet on Saturday 1/29 at 7:30pm to present our works and network with other famous artists. You can enter individually or make a team.

If you're doing something that occupies time, the limit is 5 minutes. If it occupies space, please use common sense, we'll be meeting at the Liedke/Crowley/Brown household, and we'll need enough room for people and art.

If you want to come but don't want to make something, bring a 5 song playlist based on the theme, and we'll play it. If you are far away, you could make something and send it to us to display/present.

There will be 3 judges awarding prizes in (at least) 3 categories. If you have any logistical needs let me (Greg Kamprath) know and we can work it out.