Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Last week I got (my eyes!) dilated, tested, everything, and I'm back in the reading glasses game.  I bought one cheap pair from Zenni Optical (thanks Reeves for the heads up) on my own dime because they were like $17.  But my more expensive pair (covered by my insurance), I'm planning on getting something from Warby Parker.  I know everyone in the whole world already likes them, so this is old news, but just in case you don't know...

Things I already like about Warby Parker:
You buy glasses from them?  They donate a pair to someone who needs them.
They send you five pair to try on for a week!  They come in a fancy glasses box, and then you can do at work photo shoots to see which ones you like.
Their customer service is awesome so far. 
So:  A+'s all around.
I think maybe one of the black ones?   Or I think I might end up with Too Many Glasses. 
I have learned:  everything about my face is pretty crooked.  


Kamper said...

I vote top right

Amber Reeves said...

totally top right.

kamper part deux said...

i vote top right as well.
thanks for all the glasses information. i need some new ones myself and i like this get one, give one idea.

r___anderson said...

kelly, you're such a good person.

LuLu said...

I already want too many pairs of glasses. This could get ugly for me.

Who do we know that we can get to wear the monocle? It's only $50!

zerbipedia said...

Lulu, just fyi, Asians can't wear monocles. We just don't have the brow ridges for them.


Bangs said...

Lu. I don't want anyone to wear the monocle. Unless it's Luke. Or Amanda.