Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Oh yeah.
I forgot to write about seeing Season of the Witch, in which* Nick Cage is a crusade-abandoning knight who gets hired to transport a witch (who started the plague) to some Monks.
I'm not actually going to write about it.  I can't even remember if it was funny-bad, or just regular bad, because it was so bad.

*get it?


bitteramanda said...

this weird bromance was bad bad.

lana bear said...

haaa! and did you see my bf's name in the credits?! he sadly lived in hungary for a summer working on that movie. we saw it only for the credits.

also my word below is "silly"

Bangs said...

Lana: I "worked on" Constantine, which I consider that exact movie caliber (and possibly genre) as Season of the Witch. EXACTLY.

So, pretty much, me and your bf are the same person.

elizabethfrances said...

Sue, yesterday I was trying, trying, trying to remember the name of that movie, "Constantine", I could only remember "Mr and Mrs Smith".

Bangs said...

Here's this in case anyone is interested.