Monday, January 31, 2011


So, this weekend was Art Fight, and in case you were wondering:  this girl won First Place.
Really wide variety of entries - mine was a painting/collage.  There was a movie, a hit song remix, a live song, THREE dioramas, a website, foods, a plush, ironic show posters, a woodcut print, a giant charcoal drawing, a sweet theme-appropriate soundtrack.....and so much to eat and and drink.  
The creator, Greg has got scoop on it over here - more pictures and awards and everything.  In six months or something, when we're all ready to do it again, we'll have Art Fight 2, where I'll have to relinquish my belt*.

Also, someone left two boxes of girl scout cookies at our house that night.  Don't think we didn't get into those.

*which I plan to make improvements to.  While very big, and heavy and impressive, this belt had a tendency to lose links at random, potentially severing toes.  It's pretty rad anyway.

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