Sunday, January 2, 2011

two kay levs

If you know me, you might have known I was a little grumpy going into this New Year.  No plans, low expectations, no resolutions.  Well, it turned out fine, and I feel good about 2011 I think.

New Year's Eve:
++ great dinner
+ cold, but fun-ish party where I just camped out by the space heater and met a lot of funny people
- now (today, two days later) my legs are killing me from those shoes I wore, which are great but probably much too tall

New Year's Day:
+++ 2 Street Mummer's afterparty* (this was seriously so fun)
- forgetting camera batteries
+/- 4 Loko (probably more like 3 Lokos, which is better)
- peeing outside for the first time (partially on my tights)
*if you don't know about Mummers, it's way way to hard for me to try and explain.  Just know it's a weird, Philadelphia "thing", and our friends won 2nd place which is huge.  Party time.

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