Monday, January 24, 2011


We went to see Somewhere, the new Sophia Coppola jawn.   Here's a "review", where I mostly compare it to other movies.
Remember how you felt after Lost in Translation the first time?  At least for me, it was a totally different thing than Virgin Suicides, and then you're all feeling "who is this new Coppola, and her movie is so slow, but I think it's fine, because it was pretty visually astounding.  Enticing at least".
So, this movie is that pace again, but more Hollywood, and without the bright colors and flashy scenes of L in T or Marie Antoinette.   There were a bunch of times I thought of Vincent Gallo's Brown Bunny too - which, for all it's scandalous reputation, is super duper boring.
I did really like the pool scenes (I think there's two), and the poster, which looks like a David Hockney painting or something.

Tagged to see and let me know what you think about this:  Kelly, Amanda, Fran.

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kamper part deux said...

i'm really excited to see this movie, (you know how i feel about sophia), and will let you know how it goes. i have high hopes.