Monday, October 4, 2010


Yesterday we saw The Town, in which Ben Affleck is the bad guys, and Don Draper is the good guys, but you end up rooting for the bad guys because of their craft, skill, charm, lot in life.

I like movies that make you like robbers, and bank robbery planning, and costumes to get out of jams and everything.  So this was pretty good.   Probably better than Easy A, which is the other movie I would have seen.  I mean, the movies on Sunday is pretty great even if it's bad, but especially good if it's good, right?

A whole lot of bad neighborhood/good neighborhood type stuff too, which is easy to ignore because it was set in the far-off world of Boston, but what if it wasn't?  What if it was about how all the bad guys come from Kensington or something?  Then what?
There was this funny quote at the beginning about how being a townie literally ruined guy's life, but he was still super proud of it.  Which is funny, but so true - I mean, people are proud of being from a neighborhood here (Fishtown springs to mind), and don't leave it ever, and acknowledge the scary parts of it like a badge of honor, which is super weird.  Like liking the home team, because it's the home team.  (So much sports lately too, huh?).


carina romano said...

um i kind of want to see easy a. text me when you go?

ADeBru said...

Ace review

pinchefresco said...

I wanna see Easy A too.

Yr reviews are the bestest.