Monday, October 25, 2010

field trips

I've had a lot of field trips this semester.  While I don't like the idea of mandatory attendance (especially since it's usually on weekends), so far, they're really good.  Last week I went to Please Touch at Memorial Hall, which made the old Please Touch Museum seem like a scary basement.  The new spot is rad.  Go see it, even without kids.

This weekend, I went on a school field trip before the actual field trip, so I didn't have to go with my whole class (of 40ish students).  We went to Doyelestown, where the Mercer Museum, Fonthill, and Moravian Tile Works are.

We spent the day in Fonthill.  It was AMAZING.  Our tour guide was pretty adorable, and the castle was castle-y, and had about a billion staircases and stories and big wooden doors, and libraries, and collections, tiny staircases, and So Many windows and a skull.  Mercer made the place himself with a few workers and a horse.  Lucy.

They're doing total in-the-dark tours Halloween weekend.  And I think I have too many plans that weekend to make the trip, but it might be super awesome.  It's b-y-o flashlight, and goes into the "off limits" areas of the castle.  You know, like Beauty and the Beast.
Anyway:  recommended.

Oh, and we also saw a guy practicing his nunchuck and knives skills in the woods.

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