Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is probably the first time in a while that I haven't found myself in a creative rut.  I've been painting and sewing and taking photographs and writing letters and everything.  But sometimes, it's good to have a little motivation.  Here's a blog post that's just about four things you could/should be doing, right now and tomorrow and this month.

1.  Design/create/submit a font to Veer.  I've been getting a little yawny over Design Sponge lately because I'm finding it's direction is changing and it's geared towards those who really want to make it in the design game.  Which is fine, but isn't me.  I also can't even begin to think about being able or wanting to spend $150 on a desk accessory or placemat or something.  Anyway though, this one contest seems pretty okay, and I think a lot of people have nice handwriting, so maybe, even if you don't get the whole graphic design end of things, you could try a hand-drawn font.  Just an idea.  Submissions due November 9.

2.  Next?  Philadelphia Photo Day.  WHICH IS TOMORROW.  It's just taking a picture of or in Philadelphia that day, submitting it online, and then they put your piece in the exhibit. Then we can all go to the show, which is at Crane, and we should be going there more often than we do anyway.  Good, right?   Submissions are due Halloween at 8, and the show is November 11.
I'm looking at you: Kim, Gallman, Josh, Ryan, Carina, Melissa, Nikki, Liza everyone.

3.  Write something for Sandro's zine, "Anchor Baby".  Issue 2's deadline is coming up, and he's accepting stories about weird food, or weird stories about food.   Also drawings.  Or probably whatever.  It's a zine, after all.  Email him submissions at  Everyone's invited, and also anyone can get a copy.  Deadline Nov 21.  You, Siobhan, and you, Fran.  HZ.  Ethan.

4.  Hyphen, Temple's magazine/literary publication is accepting artwork and words right now too.  I've never read it, and it  might be crappy, but still fun to be in something, right?  Andy, Amber?  Do it for me, I'm not allowed.

What else is happening that we should do?  I would love some more suggestions/motivation.

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