Monday, October 11, 2010


Yesterday, I got a Blockbuster card.

And we rented, watched all three* Indiana Jones movies.  In a row.  Sandwiched between meals.  Sundays.

*I hope you know which one we didn't see.


ADeBru said...

Nice. What about TV show series marathons? Kevin Rob Sarah & Al have discussed Twin Peaks. But not all 2 seasons at once, of course

r___anderson said...

aaron, i would love to watch twin peaks again. let me know. let's be friends.


marilyn said...

Last year I watched TP for the first time, all in 4 days. Not advisable.

Ry, I thought you don't like your friend groups getting along. Aaron is already in with us. You may have to look elsewhere.

ADeBru said...

Marilyn. Agreed, completely. In B'more we watched it over the course of a month - dinner, drinks, maybe 2 episodes at a time once a week.

Ryan. Let's do it.

To both. Kevin and I want to grill one more time before the month ends and have everyone over, including those who haven't seen les chats et la maison (looking at you Marilyn and Sue)

Bangs said...

Making dinner plans over blog comments is pretty good.

I'm in. Next time Marilyn is around, let's do it. We can bring drinks. I just have to do it on the later side, after school, if it's a weeknight. Also, found some s8's I have from college that we should maybe watch!?

ADeBru said...

Yes, that all sounds good. We were thinking about this Sunday for the grilling. And we can figure out TP nite. I'll talk to Kevin again

This is strange, making plans via blogspot commments. But it works

Bangs said...

Oh, and as far as Twin Peaks. I've started it like 11x with different groups of friends. Finished the series only twice.

Not that I don't want to do it.

ADeBru said...

Sue. I'm not opposed to another series, for sure. We have loads of crap out our place. Details

r___anderson said...

marilyn: that isn't exactly true. and of course aaron is already in with yous--you are pretty girls.
also, i'm out of town betwixt 16-24 october. so i'll probably miss everything fun on earth anyway.
and by out of town, i mean: out of this hemisphere.

Bangs said...

Ryan. Stop saying betwix.


marilyn said...


A+S - I'll be away on Sunday

ADeBru said...

Marilyn - too bad. We'll catch you up on whatever series we start

Ryan - be safe in PERU!

r___anderson said...



pinchefresco said...

Hey Susie, remind me to show you the amazing DVD library at school.

Or you can go yourself. It's in the basement of the library.