Monday, October 4, 2010

in trouble

This morning, I was sitting and waiting for the Broad St Line at Sesquenhanna-Dauphin, and this boy came and sat down next to me.  His arm was all bandaged up, and he was squeezing one of those hand/spring/exercising things pretty ferociously.
"I just got kicked off the football team."
"No way, what happened?"
"I was fighting with some other players.  On the field.  But one of them shot me!  I can't have that!  I mean, I'm a man, a man, and I'm not scared of anything, but that shit is scary."
...(me, probably making a scared face, being pretty glad I had no intention of seeing college football anyway)
"I can try out again next semester."
"Good luck?"


pinchefresco said...

Boys just talk to you on the train a lot, huh?


Bangs said...

Yeah, kind of? It's weird. I know I'm not outgoing, but these weird conversations keep happening. People are outgoing me. I'm outgoable, I guess, and it shows.

(I don't get to CAPTCHA on my own blog, which is both a relief and disappointing).